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Updates!! Updates!!

>> Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!!

It has been a month since I last visited & updated this blog. I have been busy tending our newly opened business at home. We have started to open a computer shop. I hope it becomes successful.

With regards to our online selling of digital cameras and lenses. November is not for us, we have encountered lots of bogus buyers in this month. December is much better though, we sell only until December 15 but most are smooth transactions. We also managed to sell items that are previously ordered by those bogus buyers last month. We have temporarily stopped selling online but we will be back soon on January. All our items are being ordered abroad so to avoid delays in delivery that are likely to occur due to holiday season we have decided to stop selling for a while.

With my PTC I also have been inactive for a month now. But I intend to continue and keep clicking on those sites that paid me already like Neobux, Clicksia, Incentria & Donkeymail. If you want to try its all free. All you need is a computer and internet connection then you can start. But don't expect to earn fast especially when you don't have yet referrals. Just enjoy and do it while you're browsing the net or while at Facebook. To have referrals or downlines just post an ad to websites like Sulit.Com or make a blog like this.

That's it for now... Merry Christmas & I wish that we all have a very blessed, peaceful & fruitful New Year ahead of us!!


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