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>> Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After weeks of issues 70 Cents is finally back. I must admit I doubted this site that's why I temporarily deleted their banner in my ads and stopped promoting them. For weeks their front page doesn't look any good and their ads disappeared. When you read the forum there are many issues and problems brought up by its members. I thought they are going to be one of those scam sites but fortunately they're not.

Here's what the Admin said:


As you might have noticed there were some problems with 70Cents.net this week.

We were updating the script, and then I had some personal problems and didn't have access to Internet at all.

As usually many of you began claiming 'SCAM' and other rude things. I didn't ban these people as I usually do, as I understand that you were worried about this situation, and partly it's my fault. I'll try to never let it happen again.

You, however, have to understand, that 70Cents.net is never going away. We're approaching our 1-year birthday...

Here's what has been fixed:

- Deposit payment error;
- Advertising deposit payment error;
- Error that didn't allow to add advertisements;
- Advertisements amount increased;
- All pending AlertPay payments were sent;

Update 1

- All Liberty Reserve payments were approved;
- The design of the stats page has been improved;

Update 2
- Now all Liberty Reserve payments are approved instantly, like AlertPay payments. No more waiting for approvement!

Update 3
- Bug with AlertPay payments has been fixed. All pending payments have been approved. All payments are now approved instantly without problems.
- View Referrals page has been fixed, it will be improved a little later.

I already upgraded to level 1 in this site. If you want to join them please check the rules first.
To register for free click 70 Cents.Net.


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